The Borderland 2022 will take place in Alversjö (Eksjö Municipality), Sweden, during week 30 (July 25 to 31).

The Borderland is an annual private event created by the participants themselves, as well as a larger year-round community of people engaged in participatory Borderland-related events and spaces.

The Borderland is not a festival with a centralized organizers team who book artists and acts to see, and you do not buy a ticket to be a spectator to a directed show. You purchase a membership to be part of the co-creation of the experience itself.

There are no sponsors, no paid-for entertainment, and no catering. Fluffing is optional and consent is king. Food, drinks, and anything that might happen during the event is provided by you yourself, as well as by every other member of this joyful gathering.

Membership Agreement

By becoming a member of the Borderland 2022, you accept the terms and conditions of the Borderland Membership Agreement.

Membership sale and membership transfer

The membership sale for Borderland 2022 is conducted in four stages:

  • Lottery registration: You can register for the Membership lottery to get the chance to purchase a membership. The deadline for registration is set on Tuesday, May 3 2022, 23:59 (CET).

  • The Lottery: After the Lottery registration deadline, the system will randomize a batch of winners equal to half of the intended memberships of Borderland 2022 (2,345 / 2 = 1172 and a half winners!). These winners will get an e-mail offering them to purchase a membership for the Borderland 2022. This offer is valid for 48 hours.

  • +1 Invitations: The winners will get the opportunity to invite a +1 when purchasing their membership. These +1s will get an e-mail, offering them to purchase a membership for the event. This offer is valid for 48 hours.

  • Open Membership Sale: After this whole process, any remaining memberships will be released in an open sale to anyone in a first come first served manner. Everyone who has registered for the lottery but has not yet received a membership will be notified.

A purchased membership is personal and not refundable. If you purchase a membership and cannot attend the event, there will be an option to transfer the membership to another person. Information on how transfers are conducted, please visit the FAQ.

Number of memberships and prices

This year we have 2,345 memberships (curious why? see on Talk). The prices are:

  • Baseline membership: SEK 1,555.

  • Low income membership: SEK 933.

  • High income membership: SEK 2,178.

With 234 low income memberships available.

All memberships are equal and give the same right to co-create the event.


Children 13 or younger (born on or after August 1, 2008) can come for free but need to be accompanied by a caretaker. You can add them when purchasing your membership in case you win the lottery.

Children 14 or older (born before August 1, 2008) need to be registered for the lottery and have their own membership. They too need to be accompanied by a caretaker.


As a matter of fact, there are no experiences to be had that are not created by you or the other members. If we want to have a dance floor, someone has to organize a dance floor. If we want toilets, someone has to arrange toilets. If we want art, someone has to create art. And so on. The Borderland means it when we say that purchased experiences don’t exist.

Nothing will be provided for you except maybe water, basic hygiene facilities, and a plot of land where you can make your dreams come true. The event will not take place if the members (including you) do not make it happen, practically and logistically. Even the toilets are arranged by some members stepping up and ordering them.

When purchasing a membership, you get as much say in what the event is to be as anyone else. The event is an empty container for you to fill and to play with. You, together with everyone else, will create the magic that is Borderland.

The Borderland is based on the 10 (11 including consent) principles of Burning Man. Together with a growing year-round community of people with different backgrounds, interests, affiliations and skills, and in kinship with a vibrant network of similar events and communities all around the world, we, together with you, are creating something truly unique.

More info

Read more about the Borderland on our website.

If the concept is still a bit vague to you, that’s nothing strange at all. Since the Borderland is created each year by the participants of that year’s iteration, you can never really predict what’s going to happen. You can’t even predict where and when it’s going to be, how much a membership will cost, and how it will be structured. Once we have created the First-timer Guide and the Survival Guide, we will likely send an email to all the members :) In the meantime, keep watching the FB group for updates.

Anyone, new or old, has the same ability to affect how the Borderland will be. The best place to engage yourself is on Discord server, where a lot of cool organizing is happening. And why not say hi and introduce yourself? Join Discord

And if you’re feeling up for some real decision-making, there’s a really good place for that too! Take the time to pay a visit to our Talk, where a lot of the important decisions are being made by the members of the event. Join Talk!

More about the sale

  • Read the full FAQ, which also includes info on how to do membership transfers.
The presale period for this event is over.


An event like this comes with some serious financial uncertainties. We try to make this event accessible to as many people as possible, and one of the ways we do that is by providing low-income memberships and generally pricing the memberships low.

If you can, please support the event and consider buying a premium membership.

Premium Membership

You're most likely a premium member, if either:

  • You make more money than most
  • You want to support the community, the art, and fellow borderlings with a little extra
  • 1390 SEK doesn't sound like much for a week of silly fun

Suggested price is at least 40% extra, but you can go as high as you like!

Premium Memberships grant no special privileges apart from a great shopping experience!



Normal Membership

Normal membership for normal people going to a normal event to do normal things normally.



Discount Membership

There's a limited amount of discounted memberships for those who truly need it.
There are no eligibility criteria, but ideally, this membership is for those who have financial struggles. We trust you to consult your conscience and choose wisely.

0 currently available



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