The Borderland community has land in sight and we need all hands on deck to make it happen! In fact we have two very different options and we need your input to point us in the right direction. Or – we can also decide that none of these two are a good alternative and keep looking.


✨ Borderland?

The Borderland is many things: an event, a community, an association, a vision for society. It is inspired by Burning Man and is an official Regional event, but it also has a very strong identity on its own. It started as a yearly event, which grew from 10 to 4.000 participants. For many, it has been a life changing experience. So much so, that from the love for Borderland, a bazillion other initiatives have emerged over the last few years: community houses (Noden/Blivande, Lighthouse, Eldsäl), maker spaces (Illutron, studio tau), smaller events all year round, online communities, art collectives, friendships & families...



Since May 2020 The group have put in lots of hours, intelligence and love to find a property to buy. We have been in two bidding processes that we have lost so far. We have also:

● Reached out to people we know that have a good overview of land in Sweden and Denmark.

● Gathered all the email addresses for the municipalities in Sweden and Denmark and contacted +100 of them.

● Looked at a list of registered old military facilities and quarries in Sweden.

● Continually looked at Hemnet (Swedish sale site for real estate)

● Scouted more than 20 properties in both Denmark and Sweden.

After losing the bidding for Hedekas and Forserum we were offered to buy 11ha land (and lease 21ha) outside Perstorp.

We made a decision to continue searching until the end of September and then make a decision. The search has been based on the below criteria.



● Size: 20-100 ha

● Price: 2-10 MSEK

● Location: between Stockholm and Denmark

● Seclusion: preferably 1 km to neighbors, or a few friendly ones.

● Municipal open-mindedness: they appreciate the project.

● Access to water: either lake or ocean.



● Sold directly to us, not on the market: gives us enough time to set up funding etc.

● Environmental variety/beauty/raw nature: lake, open fields, forests, hills and valleys, rocks, place for parking and place for hiding.

● Possibility to build structures

● Access to timber

● Buildings for storage, not living

● The opportunity to host both small and big events.



We are now at the end of September and we would like to make a decision. See below the three options that we see at the present.

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✅ 11+21 ha. 11ha open sand quarry, rough, open and fantastic. Additional 21ha with loads of forest that we can lease long term(arrendera). Lots of forest, some parts like Scandinavian jungle - hard to walk through, some parts swamp and some parts are dry. No buildings, but there is electricity in the quarry.

✅ Price 2MSEK + 56 000 SEK lease per year.

✅ Location Perstorp, Skåne, 7150 inhabitants.

❌ Closest neighbor is 400 m, on the other side of the road.

✅ Municipal openminded.

✅ A small lake with nice clear water.



✅ Sold directly to us. Perstorp is not on the market.

✅ Environmental variety.

✅ It is possible to build any kind of structures. No regulations at the lake.

✅ Access to timber is abundant.

❌ There are no buildings for storage.

✅ Possible to host events with 3000 people after worked with the land.



✅ 62ha. 14ha open fields, 28ha forest, 20ha lake with both lovely old oaks and pine forest. Most parts are walkable. 11 buildings including one 600 sqm mansion. Some parts are renovated, others need renovation in the coming few years.

✅ Price 9.7 MSEK. We think we can buy it for under 10 MSEK but it is on the open market so there might be a bidding process.

✅ Location Ydre, Östergötland, 3750 inhabitants.

❌ Closest neighbors, it’s 200-300 m to some houses and a church.

✅ Municipal openminded

✅ 20ha of the property is water that is part of a big lake with 1km of private shore with nice water and sandy ground.



❌ Stora Äng is on the market. A bid might trigger another bidder.

✅ Environmental variety

✅ It is possible to build any kind of structures. The lake is a part of the LIS area.

✅ Access to timber is abundant

✅ There are buildings for both storage and inside events.

✅ Possible to host events with 3000 people after worked with the land.





If we decide that neither property suggested here is good enough then we keep looking.


✨ Stoked and want to contribute financially right away?

If you want to donate by bank transfer, you can do that by transferring to the below account and adding a reference "Borderland Land."
Name: Gränslandet Ideell Förening
IBAN: SE85 6000 0000 0009 8199 2188
Bank name: Handelsbanken
Bank address: Box 14222, 0440 Stockholm
Beneficiary address: c/o Blivande, Södra Hamnvägen 9, 115 41 Stockholm

Disclaimer: If we don't win the bid, the funds will be saved for the next land purchase we pursue for the Borderland.


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Disclaimer: If we don't win the bid, the funds will be saved for the next land purchase we pursue for the Borderland.

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