Crowdfunder April 5, 2021


The Borderland community has land in sight and we need all hands on deck to make it happen!
The auction is already on May 5th - we need you!


The Borderland is many things: an event, a community, an association, a vision for society. It is inspired by Burning Man and is an official Regional event, but it also has a very strong identity on its own. It started as a yearly event, which grew from 10 to 4.000 participants. For many, it has been a life changing experience. So much so, that from the love for Borderland, a bazillion other initiatives have emerged over the last few years: community houses (Noden/Blivande, Lighthouse, Eldsäl), maker spaces (Illutron, studio tau), smaller events all year round, online communities, art collectives, friendships & families...


Borderland is seeking land in the middle of Sweden, to build a year-round Burner playground, and to host future community events.
Here is our criteria for the land.

After we didn't win the auction for Forserum/Småland, we found a new piece of land now, which we are superstoked about: Hedekas/Bohuslän.

Here is the +/- list:
++ 178 ha - 3x the size of Hedeland!
++ big open fields, which make it possible to host the Borderland event from day 1
+ infrastructure in place: two houses, two barns, sanitation, and some power
+ very remote
+ big lake with clean water
+ cliffs, rocks, caves
+ plenty of wood
- less central location: Gothenburg 1.5 h, Oslo 2.5 h, Copenhagen 4.5 h & Stockholm 5.5 h
- big power line through the land
- privately owned --> needs to be bought by private people --> complicated process to hand over to Phoenix foundation

🔥Notable synchronicity: Hedekas in elder Swedish means “big fire on the heath” (swe: “kase på heden”, kase = big fire, hed = heath). Almost sounds like we’re supposed to have a burn there!


28/04/21 Hedekas Auction Announcement
25/04/21 Twitch Stream: Africa Burn & Hedekas walkthrough
24/04/21 New land: Hedekas + Live Stream
22/04/21 Bidding on Forserum lost :(
19/04/21 Bidding on Forserum
18/04/21 1 day left til Forserum bidding
17/04/21 2 days left til Forserum bidding
14/04/21 Co-created podcast
09/04/21 Frequently Asked Questions regarding Forserum
08/04/21 Grandma strategy
05/04/21 Announcement of Forserum land


We as a community did a fantastic job with the crowdfunding that took us so close to buying Forserum.
Now, if we are going to give this new, huge piece of land a shot we really need to:
🥨 Spread the message far and wide.
🥨 Gather our brightest minds to figure out how to pull this off in 1 ½ week.
🥨 Raise more funds! This property is out for 8,5 MSEK and the bidding starts 4:th of May,
Do you want to help build this utopian dream? We need YOU to make this happen! 👉🤗


It seems difficult to entirely fund the land with donations, and therefore the project relies on loans at interest from people who want to support us. Are you interested in loaning money to the Borderland Land project, go directly to Loan Pledge.


In the next Twitch Stream on May 2nd we'll have the grand BL.L Auction, where you can offer stuff for other Borderlings to bid on; e.g. your soul, the iconic port-portwine, a cacao-ceremony, a fox-tail, a week in your unicorn home, or whatever else you have up your sleeve to the highest bidding Borderling.
Add your auction thingy here, and find all info about the Auction Stream in the Facebook event.


This is where you can make the biggest difference! In the Burner spirit of gifting, we gather all your money gifts, so that we can afterwards give a really big gift to the community: a humongous beautiful piece of land! Help us to make that dream happen and add your gift at the bottom of this page.


There are two ways to contribute: either through a donation or a payment. If you want to get tax deduction for donation, choose the former. If you want to expense the contribution as a payment as a company, please choose the latter. Check here for more info on tax deductions in your country.


If you want to donate by bank transfer, you can do that by transferring to the below account and adding a reference "Borderland Land."
Name: Gränslandet Ideell Förening
IBAN: SE85 6000 0000 0009 8199 2188
Bank name: Handelsbanken
Bank address: Box 14222, 0440 Stockholm
Beneficiary address: c/o Blivande, Södra Hamnvägen 9, 115 41 Stockholm




Twitch Stream showing the land.
Sunrise drone footage.


Co-create on our Dream Platform.


Check Talk.


Check our FAQ.
Disclaimer: If we don't win the bid, the funds will be saved for the next land purchase we pursue for the Borderland.

The presale period for this event is over.

April 5, 2021
Admission: 19:00
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