The Borderland community has land in sight and we need all hands on deck to make it happen!


After two years of scouting, and many dozens of candidates, we have finally found a place that has everything we have ever dreamed of.

The 21st of February the bidding starts. And we need your help to win it.

  • 99 hectares in total. 85 ha open fields; the rest water, forest, roads etc. Compare this with the total area we rent at Hedeland which is approx 50 ha, but with most of it being unusable in practice.
  • A 250 ha nature reserve surrounds the land, which is not part of the purchase but a buffer zone to the rest of the world.
  • Beautiful undulating fields like in a painting! We will never need to worry about parking or camping space ever again. The land is inspiring, diverse and secluded.
  • Four swimmable lakes plus small streams and ponds. Beautiful old trees abound.
  • A huge barn, a cowhouse and a large workshop alongside twelve weird rundown buildings we can renovate or turn into art and theme camps. Oh, and a burnt-down haunted mansion.
  • 2 km to the bus stop, 5 km to the train station,
  • 2-3h by train to the big cities (Sthlm, Gbg, Cph)
  • We can host a growing Borderland there. With 99 hectares, all of it usable, we will never run out of space.
  • We can buy it as an organization directly, saving us a shit tonne of bureaucracy.

✨ Borderland?

The Borderland is many things: an event, a community, an association, a vision for society. It is inspired by Burning Man and is an official Regional event, but it also has a very strong identity on its own. It started as a yearly event, which grew from 10 to 4.000 participants. For many, it has been a life changing experience. So much so, that from the love for Borderland, a bazillion other initiatives have emerged over the last few years: community houses (Noden/Blivande, Lighthouse, Eldsäl), maker spaces (Illutron, studio tau), smaller events all year round, online communities, art collectives, friendships & families. Now we will also have our own land...The

✨ Stoked and want to contribute financially right away?

Either donate an amount of your choice below, or do a direkt bank transfer.

If you want to donate by bank transfer, you can do that by transferring to the below account and adding a reference "Borderland Land."
Name: Gränslandet Ideell Förening
IBAN: SE85 6000 0000 0009 8199 2188
Bank name: Handelsbanken
Bank address: Box 14222, 0440 Stockholm
Beneficiary address: c/o Blivande, Södra Hamnvägen 9, 115 41 Stockholm

Disclaimer: If we don't win the bid, the funds will be saved for the next land purchase we pursue for the Borderland.


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